School Code : UP 60099
  • 01
    Be hones and truthful.
  • 02
    Be punctual and diligent.
  • 03
    Be courteous and friendly.
  • 04
    Respect all elders.
  • 05
    Keep your books and clothes neat and tidy.
  • 06
    Say “please” when your want something.
  • 07
    Say “thank you” when your receive something.
  • 08
    Help each other.
  • 09
    Respect school property and take care of it.
  • 10
    Be kind and just to everyone.
  • 11
    Have a time table for your studies.
  • 12
    Read first, understand well and learn.
  • 13
    Keep on trying till you improve.
  • 14
    Study with concentration.
  • 15
    It is better to learn a little well than reading much badly .
  • 16
    Do your work with perfection.
  • 17
    Revise every lesson.
  • 18
    Do not say” I will do tomorrow’ If you can do it today.
  • 19
    Write down what your have learnt.
  • 20
    Pray for god’s blessings and thank him. “children cannot be made good by making them happy be making them good’

Five paths:

  • 01
    Say a prayer a day for peace.
  • 02
    Skip a meal a week and contribute.
  • 03
    Do a good deed a day.
  • 04
    Honour parents, teachers and all human beings.
  • 05
    Respect the earth and save its resources.

10 Points Action Programme:

  • 01
    Enlightened leadership
  • 02
    Empowering Women.
  • 03
    Caring and Sharing.
  • 04
    Art and Culture.
  • 05
    Light and life.
  • 06
    Literate India
  • 07
    Green India
  • 08
    Knit – India
  • 09
    Clean India
  • 10
    Heal India.

Children Learn What They Live

IF A child lives with criticism
he learns to condemn
If a child lives with hostility
he learns to fight
If a child lives with ridicule
he learns to be shy
if a child lives with shame
he learns to feel guilty
if a child lives with tolerance
he learns to be patient
if a child lives with encouragement
he learns to be confident
if a child lives with praise
he learns to appericate
if a child lives with fairness
he learns justice
if a child lives with security
he learns to have faith
if a child lives with approval
he learns to like himself
if a child lives with acceptance and friendship
he learns to find love in the world.

( Dorothy Nolte )