School Code : UP 60099

We expect the parents to be courteous at all times in the school premisses, failing which the names of their wards are likely to be struck off form the school rolls.

Parents are expected to cooperate in the efforts of the school regarding regularity, punctuality and discipline.

Please ensure that:

  • 01
    Children bring their tiffins daily
  • 02
    Children bring their diaries, text books, note-books etc. O school. These should be properly maintained.
  • 03
    Children do their home work regularly.
  • 04
    Children do not bring expensive article, money, jewellery etc. To school. The school is not responsible if these are lost or stolen.
  • 05
    Children suffering form infectious diseases are kept at home for the required quarantine period.
  • 06
    Children are vaccinated and inoculated against infectious diseases.
  • 07
    Children do not give any gift in cash or other things to any teacher or employee of the school.
  • 08
    Students are not sent to school if they are sick and that they do not bring medicines/drugs to medicate themselves with.
  • 09
    Parents and guardians are recommended to call at the principal’s office at least once in each term, so as to ascertain form the school authorities, what has been the conduct and progress of their ward.
  • 10
    Tuitions are playing havoc with the lives of children. They have no time to do any self study; instead they waste away their precious time of self study and games etc. The growing up mind is being polluted in different ways. Hence encourage children to form the habit of self study and to clarify their doubts form their own subject teachers in the school.
  • 11
    Students are not allowed to engage any of the staff members of the school for private tuitions. If an exemption needed for a particular student he/she should get explicit written permission for the principal. Students who engage teachers of the school for private tuitions without the permission of the principal. Students who engage teacher of the school for private tuitions without the permission of the principal are liable to disciplinary action even to the extent of expulsion form the school.
  • 12
    Complaints, if any, should be made in writing personally to the principal, and not to the teachers, we do not act on any anonymous letters.
  • 13
    In matters of evaluating and estimating examination answers, as well as decision with respect to promotions the opinion of the principal and the management is in the best interest, of your child. Therefore: Kindly refrain form requesting for personal scrutiny of answer-papers, for the re-evaluation and also for promotion against the better judgement of the authorities.
  • 14
    No pupil will be allowed to remain absent form games and physical activities without a written note from doctor which is to be renewed every two months.